October 30, 2001

Leved Cartridge Company
P.O. Box 21
Georgetown, TX  78627-0021

Dear Mr. Kelsey:

          I am writing to tell you about a hunt I had with your 175 grain muzzle-loading bullet.  I loaded it with 150 grains of pyrodex and it shot well on my 100 yard range.  I figure the velocity must be around 2300 fps.
          On October 28 I took it to the field along with a friend who is a photographer.  He witnessed the shot and was in a tree stand about halfway between me and the deer.  I got the shot just before dark on a nice six-point buck that weighed about 140 pounds.  He was about 70 yards from me and I had to make the shot from my left shoulder.  I fired the shot but could not see what happened to the deer because of the gun smoke.  I called out to my friend and asked him if the deer was hit and which way it had run.  Much to my surprise, he told me that the deer had not even taken a step forward but had dropped straight down in its tracks.  He said it looked like the deer was dead before it hit the ground!
          I have hunted deer for years and have taken over 100 deer with rifle and muzzle-loaders.  I have never seen results like this.  For example, two days after I shot this deer, I shot an 8 point about the same weight with my 7mm-08 and it ran about 50 yards with its heart and lungs shot out.  I am in the process of putting a scope on my Savage Model 10ML-2 muzzle-loader and plan to use it with your bullet for the rest of the regular hunting season.  I figure I can hit accurately with it out to about 200 yards with no problem.
          We did an autopsy on the six-point.  The bullet had struck high in the right shoulder and exited on a straight line about midway up the left shoulder.  The bullet made a two-inch entry wound and broke one rib.  It completely severed and destroyed a four-inch section of the spinal column even though the bullet must have hit the bottom of the spine, not the center.  It broke 2 ribs and damaged a third rib on exit even though it only hit one rib!  The exit wound was probably over three inches in diameter.  The interior of the chest cavity was filled with blood.
          If I had not loaded and fired this bullet myself, I would never have believed that this much damage could have been done by a non-expanding bullet.  It is simply unbelievable.  Your radially-dynamic design really works!  You have a great product and I plan to use it for all my muzzle-loading hunts from now on.


Brian Gale
McIntosh County, Georgia



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