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Shooter's Bible
Excerpt from "Muzzleloading Into The Next Century"
by Toby Bridges - July 2001, Edition #93
          . . . Coinciding with my initial testing of the Savage Model 10ML with XMP-5744 Accurate Arms Propellant was the arrival of a uniquely shaped new saboted muzzleloading projectile, the DEVEL "Radially Dynamic" bullet from Leved Cartridge Ltd., of Georgetown, Texas.  This is a non-expanding projectile made from a copper-tin composite, which results in a light 175 grain .45 caliber bullet that's nearly as long as the 300 grain Hornady XTP.
          Instead of expansion, the DEVEL relies on five distinct flutes running from a star-shaped nose back along the ogive to hydraulically create a shock wave upon impact.  The bullet worked perfectly with the high pressure sabots from Muzzleload Magnum Products, and proved to be one of the most accurate bullets I've ever shot out of a muzzleloader.
          A 45 grain charge of XMP-5744 pushes the light 175 grain bullet from the muzzle of the Savage muzzleloader at almost 2,350 f.p.s., and many 100 yard 3-shot groups have been little more than one ragged hole.  My best hundred yard group to date with the Model 10ML was shot with this load.  It is literally one oblong hole which measures 3/8 inch center to center.
          I was so intrigued with the design and accuracy of this bullet that I jumped at the opportunity to head for south Texas to join Leved Cartridge Ltd. owner Charlie Kelsey to wring out the Savage Model 10ML and DEVEL bullet on wild hogs in mid August.
          Despite 100-plus degree temperatures (in the shade), I managed to dump nine of the wild porkers with the prototype frontloader, the first of which was the very first head of game to be taken with the new Model 10ML.  Both the rifle and bullet performed flawlessly.  Every one of the wild hogs, ranging in weight from around 100 to 225 pounds, dropped where they stood at the sound of the shot.
          It didn't matter if the hog was at 30 yards . . . or 130 yards.

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