Press Release
Press Release


Leved Cartridge, Ltd. is proud to announce that its newest product, a .40 caliber bullet/.45 caliber sabot for use in .45 caliber muzzleloader rifles, is now available for immediate shipment.  Click here for full details.

Press Releases

Recent Product Releases

  •     "CVA Blackpowder Guns & Hunting," Vulcan Outdoors,
         Annual 2001 - pg 63
  •     "Rifle," Wolf Publishing, Issue #192, Nov 2000 - pp 7, 71-72
  •     "Gun Week," A Publication of the 2nd Amendment Foundation,
         July 10, 2000 and August 2000 Issues
  •     "Blackpowder Hunting," Official Publication of the International
         Blackpowder Hunting Association, Fall Issue 2000, Volume 11,
         No. 3 - pp 15, 45


User product evaluation is the acid test of product performance.

Click here to read customer accounts of Devel bullet performance.  We believe that they should prove enlightening.



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