Leved Cartridge, Ltd. now provides .40 caliber bullets/.45 caliber sabots for use in .45 caliber rifles.  This package makes available the same outstanding performance that our .50 caliber-customers have experienced.

    Exceptional accuracy... - 1 in. three shot groups at 100 yards.  These groups were achieved using scoped in-line rifles (barrel twists 1-16 in. to 1-34 in.).  Accuracy results do vary with different rifles, shooters, altitude, and barometric conditions.

    Superior terminal effects on game as compared to expanding lead core, copper jacketed, or solid copper hollow point bullets.

    Reduced recoil, increased velocity, and flatter trajectory because of lighter bullet weights.

    Devel Bullet weight - 132 grs.  /  Devel Bullet sectional density - .118

    Devel's non-expanding design, because it IS NOT dependent on bullet expansion, causes consistently effective game harvesting stopping power from initial bullet impact to the end of bullet travel or exit.